how we started

RCH was founded in 2010 and aims to create a community overflowing with creativity, humour, passion, acceptance, understanding, gratitude and abundance. It is our desire for you to have the biggest, most positive and permanent changes possible. To make your life easier, softer, less stressful and way, way more joyful.

RCH is the path of the circle, from where you are now, to living from your heart, which is where you began, and where you truly belong.

We teach you how to see (imagine) from your heart, to feel (intuit) from your heart, to hear (listen) from your heart and to think (manifest and create) from your heart. Real creation and inspiration happens spontaneously from the heart. You know you are experiencing heartfelt inspiration when it is filled with warmth, playfulness and it’s harmonious and loving… a.k.a. FUN.

We teach this through guided imagery, collaging, journeying, breath-work, meditation, intuition and sound therapy (drumming and chanting)… a.k.a. more FUN!

Cindra has opened my mind's eye, cleared out the cob webs and polished the grey matter to help me live MY life and for that I am forever grateful! Talking about it is one thing but to experience it is another. If you are open to the experience you will have an experience of some kind! It's all good!! Thank you Cindra!”

- Sheri

After working with RCH, I feel calmer and am able to slow down and explore my gut feelings more. I am more aware of the energies around me and the energies I give off. Being more in touch with my intuition will let me follow my path with more confidence and happiness and will help eliminate doubt and second guessing.

- Lisa

What do we actually do?

Depending on the individual, we’ll use any of the following methods to improve areas of concern:
  • Muscle Checking
  • Energy healing (Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Meridian - Google)
  • Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger Institute)
  • Somato Emotional Release
  • Meditative Healing
  • Shamanic Healing Methods (sound healing and journeys)
  • Deep Emotional Release
  • Advanced Chakra Clearing and Healing
  • Brain Gym ( – Dr. Paul Dennison)
  • Brain dominance profiles
  • Visions Circles

What self-actualization means to us:

  • To be absolutely comfortable in your own skin
  • To have a few excellent friends
  • To not care what others think of you or what you do
  • To be completely free of all genetic imperfections as well as learned imperfections
  • To live your passions, whether that means decorating cupcakes (all yellow except for the purple ones) or putting your little dingy in front of a ginormous whaling vessel
  • To know that the two examples above have equal value
  • To be aware of each single moment in each day with intense pleasure and mindfulness
  • To view each new day as an opportunity for adventure

meet the team

RCH’s excellent staff is ready to provide you with the tools and support needed to grow and realize your most precious goals.

Cindra has over 18 years of experience in energy healing. She is trained in Educational Kinesiology, Craniosacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release Therapy, Advanced Energy Medicine and Meditative Healing. She is well versed in many Shamanic-healing methods (her two favorites being sound healing and journeying), advanced Deep Emotional Release and Advanced Chakra clearing and healing. Cindra is a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master.

She is currently earning certification in Sanskrit Mantra Teaching; she was initiated to the Gayatri by Guru Namadeva (Thomas Ashley-Ferrand). She also has extensive experience in Kundalini and Yin Yoga. Cindra has many guides, helpers and teachers that assist in her work.

Cindra’s initial passion was for working with children. She grew up with undiagnosed learning challenges. Working through those challenges and learning from them, gave her a purpose—to assist as many children as possible.

She loves this line of work partly because it comes naturally to her and partly because she knows that there will always be more to learn. Cindra becomes very in tune with and attuned to the client while they are healing during sessions. By participating in many workshops Cindra not only learned the modalities being taught, but also learned the name and function of her natural abilities. The combination of studying the human body and mind, studying in workshops and the experience of working with hundreds of people in thousands of sessions allows her to give client feedback that really speeds up the (internal) process and teaches the client more about themselves.

Her favorite aspect of this ability is being able to share with clients the positive comparisons. For example: some people feel music in their cells, others have a clear visual picture in their minds while imagining a scene, others feel the emotional response in the people they interact with, some people see solutions very clearly, while others can zero in on what is important and what is not. The individual is often unaware that their experience is quite unique so they do not view it as the gift that it is. They may not speak up as often as they should, letting people know what the main issue is or solution is, or that they may have to describe the scene to others because most people do not have their skill to visualize. These unique gifts emerge and grow as Cindra works with all clients.

Cindra grew up in Cochrane and has lived in Alberta for most of her life, although she loves the ocean and all it has to offer. She has two sons, Micheal and Steven, and currently resides in Cochrane with her husband, Mark. She previously owned a healing centre and co-owned a yoga studio for many years.

Mitch brings nearly a decade of experience in the business world to RCH, where he manages business operations and focuses on digital strategy and integration.

He never wanted a “normal job” but like most who are yet to find their path, took to the workforce after completing his post-secondary education. He gained valuable experience working in communications before transitioning into digital marketing as a project manager. His pursuit of an honest livelihood that could assist and inspire others led him to RCH.

Naturally pessimistic, Mitch was cautious of energy work growing up, but after much learning, practice and experience, he now strives to assist others realize their individual potential through this non-traditional means of healing.

Mitch, a born-and-raised Calgarian, is a graduate of Mount Royal University’s Bachelor of Applied Business and Entrepreneurship - Sport and Recreation program. He and his wife Lisa currently reside in Calgary.

Sheri is a joyful individual who is always smiling! She loves meeting, helping, working with, and learning from all kinds of people.

Founder of The Violet Path, Sheri has more than two decades of professional customer service and administrative support experience. She is a certified professional virtual assistant through The VA Apprentice program offered by Michelle Dale, founder of Virtual Miss Friday and Virtual Assistant Live.