Private Sessions are for children and big kids (adults) of all ages. Combine the teachings of RCH’s unique workshops with a plethora of additional healing methods— such as Educational Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Meditative Healing and more—in a private one-on-one session with Cindra. Go deeper, experience more and heal quickly.

Or relax tense muscles, heal meridians and work the lymphatic system with a soothing Hot Stone Massage, Basic or Deluxe. You’ll leave feeling calm and relaxed.

Red Circle Healing Private Sessions
Red Circle Healing Hot Stone Massage
Red Circle Healing Mentoring Session

Cindra’s helped me to grow so much as an individual. I’m stronger and more confident, my intuition is stronger and I’m working towards living my authentic life. I am forever grateful!”

- Sheri

Private Sessions

Private sessions are very effective forms of self-improvement for both kids (under 18) and adults (the big kids). Sessions are most often done in person, but can also be just as effective, if not more, by phone. Energy is boundless; healing is limitless.

Duration/Session Cost Cost/Session
1 Session 1.5-hours 120 120
3 Sessions 1.5-hours 330 110
6 Sessions 1.5-hours 600 100
Children 1-hour 70

What do we do?

A combination of advanced energetic healing methods—such as Muscle Checking, Educational Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Meditative Healing and more—that includes healing of chakras, meridians, etheric and physical body and deep emotional release.

Help to heal the things (relationships, mental, emotional or physical issues) in your life that you just cannot seem to get through, get past, let go of or unblock on your own.

With Cindra’s guidance, clients will release the blocks that are in their way for healthy careers, relationships and bodies. The sessions are always interesting, very often entertaining, colourful and sometimes magnificent. After the session, clients will feel lighter, feeling more compassion for themselves and for those who have been in their life lessons with them. They will experience a permanent physical, emotional, intellectual and/or spiritual improvement.

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We recommend that clients are open to several sessions. They can be spaced out over weeks, months and even years. The first sessions are often about clearing energies to allow you to become less burdened and healthier. Later sessions are more about realizing the life that you are able to strive for.

They blend the true nature and personality of the client with their dreams and goals that once seemed unrealistic. It is one thing to heal past injuries, but the juiciness in life is opening up doors into creativity, passions, expressions, introspections, mechanics and logistics ... whatever feels purposeful to you. That is when life really becomes interesting and fulfilling.

What To Expect?

Private Sessions begin with the determination of an individual’s learning style using Educational Kinesiology. This is a fun introduction into what styles of communication work best for you and how to get the most out of life and learning.

Muscle checking (applied kinesiology) is an accurate and time-efficient way to tap into the whole mind/body system. This technique is used to determine what part of a person’s physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual system is blocking the way to achieving the goal.

We then proceed to heal the block using a blend of Educational Kinesiology, intuitive assessment and releasing techniques.

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RCH sessions are designed for everyone. Some people have no interest in workshops or working on their issues by themselves, some people are looking for a purpose in life; they need to change and want help in achieving their goals. Many people—young adults making life transitions, children with school challenges and people who have tried the medical route but are not getting any results—are brought in (and paid for) by their loved ones that are concerned about them. This is not only acceptable at RCH but recommended as it has proven to really work in helping people who can’t seem to help themselves at this time of their lives.

The younger children think that they go to RCH to play. The older children often find a comfortable spot on the massage table, with an eye bag on their eyes, and talk for their entire session. By the time we’ve muscle checked their learning style they are ready to see what else we have up our sleeves. Energy moves very easily with children so we can chat while the healing is taking place.

The same rules and altered techniques apply to the big kids (adults). Adults are more complex so there is less chatting and they naturally become very relaxed and peaceful—mentally, physically and emotionally—during a healing session.

Both adults and children carry all of these lovely changes forward into their lives. These sessions are relaxing, colourful, interesting, fun, inspiring and enlightening.

For Adults:
If you could wave a magic wand:

  • What would your life look like and feel like?
  • What would you be doing in your day-to-day life?
  • What are your real dreams and aspirations? What is holding you back from achieving your dreams?

We will explore these questions together and help you see your inner self, which is much prettier than you think. Our goal is for you to see it, accept it, believe it and then act on it. Your life is waiting for you.

For Children:

We ask children what they would like to improve in their lives and help them set a goal for their appointment. It is amazing what they come up with. We then incorporate an adult/parent goal—which is usually the parent's reason for the appointment—along with the child's goal.

Children love the one-on-one attention as they tell stories about what movies they like and what games they like to play. They love the muscle checking. Because they are always learning in their daily lives they do not find these sessions to be out of the ordinary.

Hot Stone Massage

This gentle relaxation massage, given with warm stones, will soothe and heal your body. Experience deep relaxation and release of tension.

Duration/Session Cost Cost/Session
1 Session 1-hour 90 90
4 Sessions 1-hour 320 80
6 Sessions 1-hour 420 70
1 Session 1.5-hours 120 120
4 Sessions 1.5-hours 440 110
6 Sessions 1.5-hours 600 100

The secret to Hot Stone’s magic is … well … the warm stones! They relax tense muscles, bring peace to the entire body and heal meridians.

According to Chinese medicine, meridians are pathways through which the life-giving energy known as qi (chi, prana or ki) flows. Each meridian flows through and serves at least one organ or physiological system in the body.

Hot stone therapy also gives a gentle flush to the lymphatic system, which plays a key role in your immune system. Lymph also creates antibodies and produces lymphocytes. It carries proteins, hormones and fats to the cells and eliminates dead tissue and other waste products. The lymph system’s role in eliminating toxins is particularly important in energy medicine. Toxins block the flow of energy. The necessity for moving toxins out of your body is a core principle of energy medicine.

A lymphatic massage will:

  • Energize you
  • Send toxins to your body’s waste-removal systems
  • Clear stagnant energies from your body, including emotional residue


A one-hour relaxation massage given with warm stones that trace the meridian lines in your body. Warm stones will be strategically placed along the spine. Stones are never left on the bare skin (always in the photos of hot stone but an absolute no-no) but rather placed on a towel on the skin.

While some stones are busy warming the muscles in the back, we trace the meridians on the front of the body as well as the large muscles in the legs and arms. The best for some clients is when they receive reflexology on the feet and hands. Now we remove the back stones and turn over onto your front and you get a delicious back massage. Meridian lines are traced with stones on the back of the legs and arms


A one-and-a-half hour relaxation massage that includes all of the benefits of the Basic massage and combines that with the benefits of aromatherapy and additional energy healing. All of the stones are attuned to Reiki energy before beginning. You will experience sound therapy along your entire body (drumming or crystal bowls) to start with. Then aromatherapy oils, handpicked just for you, are infused along your spine before the stones are placed on a towel on that area. Aromatherapy oils will also be added to the oil for reflexology of your hands and feet. After receiving the entire massage you will be embraced in energy healing for 20 minutes. If you were a spaghetti noodle, you’ll go from being a raw or al dente noodle to a very, very well done noodle.

Appointment Details

  • Clients are so relaxed after the Hot Stone therapy that it is recommended that they sit and sip tea or water for a few minutes before setting out into the hustle and bustle of the world.
  • RCH recommends having a ride home from your treatment.
  • At RCH, we will do our very best in directing you on the right path in regards to specific Programs, Workshops or Private Sessions. You will do your very best in letting us know what you need. Together we will find solutions.
  • Clients will be given a full refund if RCH does not do what we promised to do.
  • RCH reserves the right to refuse service at any time.
  • Clients are asked to take very good care of themselves at all times. You know yourself better than anyone else. If you need to stop a process, take a break or are incapable of completing a physical pose or placing yourself into a physical position, you must let RCH staff know immediately. Failure to do so may cause harm to yourself or others.

Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring Session is for students enrolled in one of the RCH programs. It is a private session, usually over the phone, with the student and Cindra. This time will be used for the sole benefit of the student and what they require to get the most out of their program. They may use part of the two hours to clarify any questions the student has regarding the content of the past or current course.

In addition, they will determine if a healing is the most efficient use of time or goal setting or practising one of the meditation techniques or healing methods learned in the course. Or they may use the time to strategize the implementation of their goals into their personal or professional lives. It is a highly individualized opportunity for the student to advance themselves into the person and practitioner that they wish to become.

Duration/Session Cost Cost/Session
1 Session 2-hours 160 160

Appointment FAQs

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