RCH offers an assortment of workshops, from originals, the RCH Meditation and RCH Energy Medicine, to more traditional workshops, Usui and Karuna Reiki—we’ve got something for everyone!

Receive guidance from Cindra AND experience the magic of group energy!

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Red Circle Healing RCH Meditation Workshops
Red Circle Healing RCH Energy Medicine Workshops
Red Circle Healing RCH Reiki Workshops

I always find RCH workshops rejuvenating even if they tire me out at the time. Definitely less negative mind chatter when I’m done.

- Lyla

I felt a lot of toxic release during and following the workshop. A few days after the weekend, I felt a lot more opened-up, a lot more clear-headed and a lot lighter. I was floating!”

- Jake

RCH Meditation Workshops

The Fab Five are a combination of ancient and modern, East and West. Meditation, breathwork, shamanic journeying, drums and forgiveness are each ancient techniques. In The Fab Five, they are combined with guided imagery, sound therapy, kinesiology and modern knowledge of how we learn and how emotions are stored in the body.

Cost Duration
Burmese Breath 90 2-hour
Journey to the Other Side of Earth 90 2-hour
Flight of the Gifted 90 2-hour
Journey to the Centre of the Universe 90 2-hour
Deep Emotional Detox 90 2-hour

These workshops are designed to bring peace, to stimulate your imagination, improve your mental abilities and unleash your creative energies. These energies splash passion, liveliness and colour over every aspect of your life.

You will receive a guided Fab Five CD and PDF workbook in each of the Workshops, so you can continue on your own.

Prerequisite: none

Burmese Breath

Burmese Breath combines guided meditation, bellows breathing and full-body purification. You get the benefits of meditation plus the oxygenating of your cells with this breath technique and guided full-body clean-out. This ancient Buddhist meditation has been credited with creating spontaneous healing. RCH’s founder, Cindra, was taught this form of meditation by Guru Nama Deva and now joyfully passes it on to you.

Step out of your stress and busyness for 2 hours. Leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Feed and free your right brain. Burmese Breath adds life to your life, makes you feel happier and optimistic while enhancing your problem-solving skills. It also allows you to see solutions instead of problems and allows you to enjoy the people around you in a renewed way.

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No experience Necessary


This is a guided meditation accompanied by an original musical score. The words and music lead you on an adventure.

The guided meditation and unique music take you on a journey to the other earth. The other earth looks just like this one, but it has the added magic of your ability to talk and interact—with no limitations—to and with all manner of life whether that is a tiger, a shark or a stork. In these conversations you can get great advice and guidance, connect with your power animals or simply have an adventure.

We also do a more traditional drum journey in this workshop. Cindra trained with three different Shamans that all conducted drum journeys. Drums are such powerful and ancient tools that act as a conduit for the imagination and for an altered state of awesomeness. You will go to the other earth, this time, while listening to the drum and let the adventure unfold.

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Prerequisite: none

Flight of the gifted

This is a combination of guided imagery, meditation and a mind/body healing technique called 3-Dimensional Re-patterning (3DR). 3DR was developed by Dr. Paul Dennison of Brain Gym fame and promotes a transition from a deep negative belief into a positive belief. It is required when a transformation of belief needs to heal on all three levels: mental, emotional and physical.

The purpose of the guided meditation is to acknowledge and bring to the surface hidden gifts from deep within. These gifts are as unique as you are. By combining the guided meditation with the 3DR, we ingrain and weave this gift throughout your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

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No experience Necessary


This is the most interesting journey you can take. It’s a guided journey into YOU accompanied by awesome music. This unique healing method actually takes you inside your energy systems and your physical body and lets you meet your wise self. To go inside your body gives you a three-dimensional experience that will leave you in admiration of your physical being.

You will experience deep levels of awareness, mindfulness, groundedness and being centered. In other words, it makes you feel really, really good! You might think that this would be very challenging to achieve but we have found that it is quite natural for everyone.

We will do this journey once to get the feel of it and then again with more specific healing purposes and to get comfortable with poking around. You’ll get to know yourself better from the inside out.

For a deeper experience and additional one-on-one feedback, clients can also book a Private Session focused on this journey.

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No experience Necessary


This is a simple but powerful process of letting go of emotional toxins in the body. Emotions are only toxic when they are no longer moving and become embedded in places within the body that they really do not belong. In Burmese Breath we release through breath. In Deep Emotional Detox we release through the spoken word. Cindra found this process to be life-altering because the release is permanent and it is complete.

Learn to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or, simply put, tapping, which has become increasing well known of late. Also learn about scientific principles based on the findings of Dr. Candace B. Pert who wrote Molecules of Emotions: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine. This is a fascinating journey into our emotions on a cellular level and will naturally cause you to like yourself more, as it kind of explains…well, everything. It explains why we do what we do and why we hold on to stuff and once we know that, we can joyously let it go.

For a deeper experience or if you have a really tough emotional situation to release and heal, you can also book a Private Session focused for this detox.

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RCH Energy Medicine Workshops

The Sensational Six are all about awakening inner abundance. Heal your emotions and your body, so your spirit can come out and play. You were born to be joyous, passionate, playful and thoughtful, whether in a quiet way, a gregarious way or something in between.

In each of the workshops we learn healing modalities, receive certification in one or more of those modalities and heal five of your personal goals to completion. Go home with the tools to continue on your own, plus have fellow workshop friends to practice with.

Cost Duration
Wake Up! 400 3-day
Intention 400 3-day
Creativity 400 3-day
Vulnerability 400 3-day
Imagination 400 3-day
Fearlessness 400 3-day

How would you like

  • Your inner world to be dripping with wealth?
  • Your mind to be quiet?
  • Your mind to only be filled with positive, kind and productive thoughts?
  • Your deepest goals, passions and interest to come out in the open?
  • To realize that your image of yourself is only a quarter of who you really are?
  • To have more choices in your life?

Build a new foundation and then keep adding layer after layer throughout the workshops. Know yourself more thoroughly and intimately than ever before. We are excited to see who you are now and who you will become after all of the layering!

No experience necessary

Wake Up!

Healthy cells emit light! We will activate, clear and stimulate your cells so you may SHINE. Healthy imaginations enliven and infuse our life with colour, joy, fun, and passion! We will activate, clear and stimulate your imagination.

Learn the “hmmm principle”. This is RCH’s term for an easy and extremely accurate way of tuning into your natural-born intuition. Learn how to set great goals for yourself and many methods of achieving them.

Have fun with cross-cultural drumming (we’ll use the vibrational healing of the drum on our cells) and exploring with crystals and a crystal pendulum. See the possibilities for your life that are beyond where you have been looking. Discover both your intuitive style and learning style and how they work in your life. Experience a healing attunement.

Take home a crystal pendulum and a packet of crystals that resonate with each chakra.


  • Level I Certificate in Crystal Chakra Healing
  • Level I Certificate in Cross-Cultural Drumming
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Prerequisite: Wake Up!


After we Wake Up! your imagination and cells, you will set your intentions for your life of passion and colour and creativity. We will do guided meditations to see your future self and guided meditations to receive messages and guidance regarding our future.

You will write out your perfect day in the future and create a collage of your future from deep within your unconscious mind. You’ll then set great goals for your future self, have fun with some sound healing and further explore using crystals, pendulums and drums. You will learn the tapping of acupressure points and learn how to clear and activate our meridians, which are the energy systems in our bodies.

You will go home with a better understanding of your dreams. Dare to dream bigger, which does not necessarily mean bigger house and bigger money, but more about the dream that is the best expression of your unique self. You’ll also gain insight into the life passions you are awakening and the direction you are heading.


  • Level II Certificate in Crystal Chakra Healing
  • Level II Certificate in Cross-Cultural Drumming
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Prerequisite: Intention


Creativity is all about joining the inspiration of our dreams with the wisdom of our bodies. We will dig a little deeper and clear out what is standing in your way of achieving your perfect day.

Learn how to clear and cleanse any deep-seated beliefs about yourself and your abilities and limitations. RCH’s founder, Cindra, has lovingly named these our paralyzers —emotions that paralyze us but when freed enliven our lives.

Emotions are only negative when they have become blocked. We will learn to release them easily and permanently. Learn the advanced sound and vibrational art of the Gayatri Mantra—the philosophy behind it, the benefits and the gifts of enlightenment it offers. We’ll also learn how to create a medicine shield and how to create a sacred space for ourselves.

You will also learn how to do two mind/body re-patterning techniques called 3DR and 2DR (designed by Dr. Paul Dennison of Brain Gym fame) that you can then use for your own self-improvement and for your loved ones.


  • 3DR and 2DR Practitioner Certificate
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Prerequisite: Creativity


This workshop is all about finding the joy and flow of being your own unique self. We will support your newfound vulnerability with the exploration, experience and intense joy of the following breath techniques (pranayama).

  • Bhastrika: bellows breathing, invigorating and energizing
  • Kapalabhati: breath of fire, clearing and detoxing
  • Ujjayi: the ocean breath
  • Sitali: breath of forgiveness
  • Anuloma Viloma: alternate nostril breathing, rebalances the brain

We will also learn the Sun Mantras and the ancient art of the vibrational healing of Karma. We’ll have a lot of fun discussing Karma.


  • Level I Certificate in Breathwork
  • Level I Certificate in Applied Kinesiology
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Prerequisite: Vulnerability


Imagination is a three-day vision quest specifically seeking what you are passionate about, finding a way to express this passion in more of your life and finding real value in your passions as opposed to what you “think” you “should” be passionate about.

There will be many drum journeys. In order to create sacred space for our vision questing you will learn much about smudging with sage and clearing with aromatherapies. Aside from vision questing, we will be using techniques from Vision Circles, healing our physical vision along with our vision of ourselves by… playing. The playing is very specific to developmental stages in childhood. We fill in the areas that we may have missed as children and unlearn, relearn and re-label that which was learned to the detriment of the person we wish to be now. It is based on hard science but really it’s just plain fun.

For this workshop it would be best if you did not have to return home to your everyday lives if at all possible. We can help you with a list of accommodations in the area.


  • Level 1 Certificate in Aromatherapy
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Prerequisite: Imagination


This is an accumulation of all that we have learned in the previous Sensational Six Workshops. It is an absolutely beautiful workshop with everyone completing his or her own personal goals for healing.

We will practice giving and receiving full treatments throughout the weekend so that everyone will leave with the confidence to improve their own well-being and that of clients, including cross-cultural drumming and crystal chakra healing, meridian tapping, 3DR and 2DR, breath-work and journeying, aromatherapy and applied kinesiology.

We will clarify all questions about any of the energy healing techniques that everyone has now practiced many, many times. You will have a clear understanding of the process of a full energy treatment and we will go deeper into our understanding of intuition and guidance.


  • Sensational Six Practitioner Certificate
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RCH Reiki Workshops

At RCH, Reiki is taught a little differently. Through years of experience, we have found the most thorough workbooks and learning materials, including teachings from Dr. Usui (the originator of Reiki) and teachings of both East and West, including meditations from Yantra, Qi gong, Taoism, Shamanism and NLP and the use of symbols from both Japanese Reiki as well as Tibetan Reiki.

Cost Duration
Usui Reiki I & II 400 3-day
Usui Reiki III & Master 440 3-day
Karuna Reiki Master 880 3-day

We teach it the RCH way–always enhancing your natural intuitive abilities as well as doing healing work directly from your heart space, PLUS receiving many advanced healing sessions for yourself over the course of the workshop. You’ll learn to understand attunements (a major part of Reiki) and how to enhance other healing modalities.

If you learn elsewhere you may be taught that you can be a practitioner after just one weekend workshop AND that you can be an instructor after just one more weekend workshop. This is not the case! A person must learn, relearn and practice techniques, just like any other skill in life.

At RCH we ensure our students do 15 practicums after each weekend workshop to hone and practice key techniques before moving on more new and exciting things in the next workshop. By the time our students are Karuna Reiki Masters they have completed at least 45 Reiki healing sessions.

No experience necessary


In Level I, learn how to administer a Reiki treatment through your body as well as training for your own personal use. The history of Reiki is covered, as well as grounding techniques and instruction to raise your vibration to create a stronger flow of healing energy. You will be given an attunement to activate your chakras while awakening your power within.

Then comes Level II, where we’ll hone your ability to work with emotional, mental and spiritual levels, with addictive conditions as well as with long-distance healing. You will be working with two Reiki symbols that connect you to Mother Earth and your healer within.

You will very quickly be amazed at your intuitive abilities. It is a wonderfully humbling experience that you will carry forward into the rest of your life.


  • Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner Certificate
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Usui Reiki I & II and a minimum of 15 practicum hours


The Japanese name for this combined class is Shinpiden, which means mystery teaching. This is the mystery of our own existence, life and consciousness. The mystery is never solved but continues to become more fascinating. Learning the master symbols invites us to heal more deeply and our awareness expands. The attunements and meditations that you experience in class will further open you up to this potential.

Reiki III involves learning the master ¬symbols (both Japanese and Tibetan) as well as meditations (sitting and moving) and aura clearing (one of Cindra’s favorites!), which is a combination of shamanism, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Reiki. You will receive at least one Level III attunement during this workshop.

In Master level we will learn how to do microcosmic orbit meditation and give attunements. We will proceed to receive and give many attunements throughout the class. You will be giving and receiving healings on deeper and more refined levels.

At RCH we prefer you take these two classes together as it is the more traditional way of teaching and the benefits are greater when you are completely immersed in this healing process for three days.


  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate
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Usui Reiki III & Master and 15 practicum (min.) hours


Karuna Reiki brings in healing energies that are noticeably stronger and able to more quickly heal a wider range of difficulties. Many experience the energy flowing not just through the body and arms, but all around the outside as well so that it completely surrounds the practitioner on its way to the client. This can be a very moving experience and many who have been Reiki masters for years begin channeling healing results that are more powerful than previously experienced.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen. It translates as any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others or compassionate action. Karuna is the motivating quality of all enlightened beings who are working to end suffering on earth. They continually send an unlimited amount of healing energy and guidance to us. As you develop Karuna in yourself, not only are you helping others, but you also become more receptive to Karuna. Thus your own healing is quickened. Karuna Reiki opens you to work more closely with all enlightened beings.


  • Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate
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Workshop Details

  • At RCH, we will do our very best in directing you on the right path with regard to specific Programs, Workshops or Private Sessions. You will do your very best in letting us know what you need. Together we will find solutions.
  • Clients will be given a full refund if RCH does not do what we promised to do.
  • RCH reserves the right to refuse service at any time.
  • Clients are asked to take very good care of themselves at all times. You know yourself better than anyone else. If you need to stop a process, take a break or are incapable of completing a physical pose or placing yourself into a physical position, you must let RCH staff know immediately. Failure to do so may cause harm to yourself or others.

Workshop FAQs

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